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Emergency Treatment And Toothaches

Emergency Treatment And Toothaches

A toothache and/or facial swelling is a very important message that there is a very serious problem. Toothaches and/or facial swellings can be serious enough to be life threatening if ignored and left untreated.

At Dubbo Family Dentists we always make sure we see you on the very day you call when you have a toothache and/or facial swelling. These are an absolute priority to us at Dubbo Family Dentists. We will also be sure to see you or your child after a fall and knock to a tooth.

Please be sure to contact our friendly staff on (02) 6882 5444 as very soon as you can in these circumstances. We are so serious about this that we request you contact our after hours mobile number if you or your child have a serious toothache or trauma on 0491 028 324. Please leave a voicemail message or text and we will contact you back as soon as we can.

If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly staff on (02) 6882 5444.